About New Song Church

The church was started in Fullerton in 1995 and moved to Corona California in 2001. In June of 2015, English ministry was introduced and one year later the name of the church was eventually changed to New Song Church in order to serve both the Korean-speaking and the English-speaking congregation.

New Song's Vision

1) To experience the presence of God, the grace of God and to always praise God with a renewed heart.
2) A church with both Korean speaking congregation and English speaking congregation.
3) To evangelize the areas where and the church exists and be responsible for world mission by the power of the Holy Spirit.

New Song's Motto

First is the salvation of souls,
Secondly is the salvation of souls
Thirdly is also the salvation of souls.

Church Denomination

New Song church is an Independent Church. The senior pastor is a member of a Presbyterian denomination, (Korean Presbyterian Church of America: KPCA).