When I was 16 years old, I was a hard core atheist. Even as an atheist, my life did not make sense to me. So, I thought I would simply kill myself. I thought to myself, why should I be afraid of death? I am an ATHEIST. But due to unexplainable fear of unknown, I decided to challenge myself to see if I could find one true God.

However, after many fruitless effort to find God, I challenged God by asking Him to bring someone to my house and take me to the church. In addition, arrogantly, I said, ‘God, you have exactly 30 days to fulfill my request’. (I could only imagine God laughing at me, ‘Who are you to challenge me.’)

Well, as my 30th day arrived, no one spoke to me anything remotely about church. As you could imagine, my hope in God dwindled to significant disappointment. But, exactly at 10 pm, as I was getting ready to place my emotion in to serious depression, I had three Christian friends knocking on my door and offering me an invitation for all night evening church service.

Shocked and surprised, I accepted their offer and later fulfilled my promise to God by accepting Jesus in to my life.

Moreover, during this time, I was also intrigued by the calling from God that I was going to become a pastor.staff_pastor_uni

Pushing away this ridiculous thought of me as a pastor, I began my new life as a new believer of Christ.

After my graduation from Temple City High School, I attended Cal Poly Pomona. Then, I fulfilled my childhood dream by becoming an U.S. Army Officer. At the end of my 6 year contract with the Army, I became deputy marshal/sheriff for the county of Los Angeles.

Then, in 2008, I was surprised to find myself in Bible College. After my graduation, I received my ordination as a minister and I had the strange desire to retire from my county employment.

When I retired from my job in July 2014, I became a guest speaker for various churches. Then, I was asked to begin EM at New Song Church in June 2015.

As I serve, I am appalled how God has fulfilled His calling in my life to be a pastor. Now, most humbly, I teach and preach the word of God only to please the Lord.

Certainly, I did not know that when I surrender my life to Jesus, I did not know God was really going to take full control of my life as a messenger of God.